BISBEE — U.S. Rep. Martha McSally of Arizona’s 2nd District visited Copper Queen Community Hospital last week and met with CEO Jim Dickson and his leadership team to learn more about rural health care.

Dr. Daniel Roe, the hospital’s chief operating officer and chief medical officer, gave the congresswoman a tour of the hospital and Dickson gave a presentation to McSally and her team regarding rural healthcare, specifically the 340B Pricing Program and how the hospital has improved services to its patients over the years. Copper Queen operates the three largest rural health clinics in the state, located in Palominas, Bisbee and Douglas. Through them, the hospital provides 60 to 70 percent of the care across all three markets.

Dickson highlighted the hospital’s telemedicine program, which helps bring affordable specialty health services to these communities.

“This is where we excel,” he said. “We use telemedicine to solve the misdistribution problems of physicians and we’ve been able to save remarkable sums of money by changing our system.”
The Telemedicine program includes teleneurology, telecardiology, teleconcussion, teleburn, telepediatrics and teledermatology.

“It’s really impressive, the work that’s being done here to make sure that the people in this community have the best healthcare that they can have,” McSally said.

Dickson asked McSally for her support of the 340B program.

“Just remember that the poor people down here need 340B,” he said.

“In my narrow piece of federal legislation and federal appropriations, I want to make sure I’m understanding what the needs are so that I can advocate for them,” McSally said. “We’ve got to make sure that we do everything we can to have healthcare initiatives that drive the cost of healthcare down and make it affordable and available for individuals that live in Bisbee and other rural communities. That includes government funding like Medicaid, Medicare, Tricare, as well as initiatives that are bringing the costs down so that places like this can thrive and provide the best healthcare possible.”