Jun 7, 2016
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Maggie Clemons, RN, received the 2016 Jane Delano Nursing Award from Copper Queen Community Hospital. Here she is with Dennis Gallus (Vice President of the hospital’s board of directors, Clemons, Sadie Maestas, Director of Nursing, and hospital CEO Jim Dickson.


BISBEE – Maggie Clemons, RN, is the 2016 recipient of Copper Queen Community Hospital’s Jane Delano Nursing Award. Clemons works with Copper Valley Home Health, her care for patients embodies the qualities that define this award.

Clemons graduated from the nursing program at Cochise College and received her Bachelor’s degree from Grand Canyon University. She worked in the Labor and Delivery Department at Sierra Vista Regional Health Center prior to joining. “I’ve enjoyed every minute of my career,” she said. “Bisbee is such a wonderful community, and I hope to work here for many years to come.”

The nomination committee noted Clemons’ willingness to go above and beyond for her patients. Her exemplary communication skills and commitment to providing excellent care were also noted, with the comment that “Clemons is a nurse in the truest sense of the profession–always offering the best care for every patient.”

Jane Arminda Delano, whose family history includes Franklin Delano Roosevelt, was the first nurse at Copper Queen Community Hospital in the late 1800s. She began her nursing career by treating victims of yellow fever in Jacksonville, Florida; and then moved to Bisbee, Ariz., where she nursed typhoid patients at the local copper mine. Delano founded the American Red Cross Nursing Service and trained 20,000 nurses for service in World War I. Delano died in 1919, while on a Red Cross mission in France. After her death, she was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal and was buried in Arlington Cemetery. In 1982, Jane Delano was inducted in the American Nursing Association Hall of Fame. Copper Queen Community Hospital’s Jane Delano Nursing Award honors her many contributions to the nursing profession.

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