Telephone Triage Nurse / Call Center Supervisor

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The telephone triage nurse is a registered nurse (RN) who assesses clinical problems over the phone, connects patients with appropriate resources and provides medication refills as appropriate based on provider’s orders, patient’s medical history and AZ Board of Registered Nursing scope of practice.

The telephone triage nurse develops an assessment of the patient’s problem based on her/his conversation with the patient. In many instances, the triage nurse might deal with a wide spectrum of medical conditions. The nurse’s clinical judgment, utilization of telephone triage protocols for adults and pediatrics, knowledge and experience, will direct her/his conversation with the patient and guide him/her in the decision to give self-care advice, refer the patient to a primary care physician, make an appointment or instruct the patient to contact 911 for emergency assistance. 

The telephone triage nurse also serves as the call center supervisor and provides direct supervision, training and development of all call center employees.



Accept telephone calls from patients with varying levels of acuity and types of medical concerns. Promote clear and coherent verbal communication following an appropriate line of questioning.

Assess clients based on patient’s own evaluation, concerns and responses to questions.

Make medical appointments and referrals to physicians, providers, community resources, specialists, or other agencies, as appropriate.

Determine necessary follow-up for possible medical diagnosis and symptoms over the phone.

Provide clear patient information through patient education and recommendations for next steps to take.

Evaluate significance of patient’s concern over phone, determine if emergency care is needed, if a medical appointment should be made, or if the concern should be reported to the appropriate physician, all while utilizing telephone triage protocols (web-based).

The telephone triage nurse will utilize telephone triage protocols that aid in data collection, triage, decision-making, disposition selection and advice-given processes. Utilize electronic charting to access patient records and to review a database of possible conditions, relatable signs and symptoms, and evidence-based treatment.


The call center supervisor helps train, influence and provide scripting to call center representatives as they schedule appointments, answer questions, handle complaints and provide support for patients. The call center supervisor will direct call center representatives to escalate calls to him/her as the need arises to address patient’s medical concerns or concerns of the call center process. The call center supervisor assists in hiring and training employees, monitoring employee progress, and coaching them to cultivate the knowledge and skills to provide and deliver excellent service to our patients and potential patients.

This position will also assist patients and the medical staff with prescription refills, patient education, care management and other duties as assigned by the Chief Nursing Officer.


A Registered Nurse (RN), preferably with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing (BSN) with an unrestricted license to practice in the state of Arizona and at least three to five years of clinical experience.

Preferred: certification in ambulatory care nursing through ANCC

The telephone triage nurse must be extremely skilled at listening to what patients tell them.

Must display and embody impeccable communication skills.

Must exercise skill and care, ensuring that she/he responds with appropriate standard of care for specific case – and documents both advice provided using standardized protocols and the patient’s responses. The telephone triage nurse must hear not only what the patient says, but also have the ability to interpret such subtle indications as the tone of voice, hesitations or incomplete responses.

In some cases, the triage nurse might deal with a patient who speaks limited English, or who has a member or interpretive translation service providing translation for him or her.