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BISBEE, Ariz. –   The Copper Queen Community Hospital has had a 65 percent increase in emergency room visits this summer. It’s mostly because the Cochise Regional Hospital in Douglas shut down due to patient-safety concerns at the beginning of August. Now, Copper Queen is serving residents in both Bisbee and Douglas.

“It’s putting a strain on everyone in the system,” said James Dickson, CEO of the Copper Queen Community Hospital.  “It’s much better to have us united under one delivery system, so we can offer a broad range of services. . . We are handling it, but it’s a stress and it’s a strain.”

According to Dickson, before Cochise Regional Hospital shut down, around 160 people came to Copper Queen from Douglas every month. Now, it has grown to more than 400 people from Douglas coming to the hospital every month. The hospital’s solution; build an emergency room in Douglas.

“The people in Douglas need a 24-hour care resource where they can go and do that,” said Dickson. “It’s a regular emergency room with six or seven rooms and three observation beds.”

Representatives from the Copper Queen Community Hospital say the Douglas Regional Hospital Complex Emergency Department will open in 2016.

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