Chef Arthur’s Recipes

Chile Orange & Pomegranate Pork Roast


Serves 10

1 4-6 pound pork shoulder (Boston butt)
1 12 ounce jar Seville orange marmalade
1 24 ounce bottle POM wonderful juice
¼ cup chili powder (Santa Cruz brand is great and it’s local)
1 quart pork or beef stock
3 onions chopped
8 garlic cloves (chopped)
4 celery stalks (chopped)
4 large carrots (chopped)
½ cup flour
1 cup olive oil
Salt and pepper


  1. In a heavy roasting pan heat ½ cup olive oil until very hot, sear the meat on all sides (5 minutes total) and remove — to brown the meat on all sides and seal in the juices.
  2. Add the other ½ cup of oil to pan and heat until very hot, add the vegetables and cook until well browned.
  3. Add the flour to browned veggies and mix well.
  4. Add all the liquids, the marmalade and the chili powder, mix well.
  5. Place roast on top of everything and cover tightly with the lid or foil.
  6. Braise in 300 degree (F) oven for 4 hours.
  7. Remove meat when fork tender and cool slightly before shredding or slicing.
  8. Strain the pan juices and serve with the meat.