This is Bisbee

The Mule Mountains of Southern Arizona are home to Bisbee – an authentic, 100 mile, Western mining town. Founded in 1877, the population remains small at approximately 6,400 residents. Previously known as the “Queen of Copper Camps,” Bisbee was considered one of the most cultured cities in the Southwest.

Although Bisbee was known for its abundance of copper, gold, silver, lead, and zinc, Bisbee also has several gems within the city. The relaxed quality of life makes Bisbee an ideal stop for worldwide travelers. Among the artist colony, visitors can browse galleries, bookstores, and other specialty shops while admiring the well-preserved, Victorian architecture. Not to mention the abundance of restaurants and coffee houses waiting to offer visitors a mid-day siesta.

One of the most popular activities in Bisbee is the Queen Mine Tour. Visitors wear mining attire, and explore the now inactive copper mine via train. When the Queen Mine opened in 1877, it was one of the richest mines in history. Although the mine closed operations in the 1970’s, it has remained a popular attraction more than 100 years later.